Coffee Pad Recycling System™

During the production of coffee pads, process cancellations are formed. Kusters Engineering has developed a system that enables you to recover the valuable coffee from rejected coffee pads. With 100% preservation of taste, odour and colour this coffee can be fully reused in the production process. Ensuring a beneficial payback time and high Return On Investment. Therefore, it is very interesting to optimize your process of coffee production.

Kusters Engineering specializes in providing solutions to improve production processes. These solutions enable you to recover valuable raw materials from the production processes. Furthermore, we can offer custom-designed solutions for the destruction and reduction of waste and scrap material.

We often make use of the integration of existing technologies in new applications. Our strength is in combining know-how in the field of shredders, granulators, separation of materials and briquetting machines. 

Process optimization requires constant development of innovative technologies that are approached by Kusters Engineering as unique projects on a" turn-key " basis.

CPR-30 process description:

- Coffee Pads are supplied in trays
- Operator places the container in the tilting mechanism
- The tank is emptied in a feed funnel
- Coffee Pads are torn open
- Both the coffee and the torn coffee pads fall into the sieve machine
- The loose coffee falls trough the sieve and is led through a drain funnel from which the coffee is absorbed or ingested
-The empty pads are led over the sieve into a drain funnel from which the empty pads are contained or led through a separate suction pipe


- Inlet funnel with tilting mechanism
- Path opener
- Between Funnel
- Sieve
- Drain funnel - Pads
- Drain funnel - Coffee
- Machine frame / Cab
- Cabinet

Patent pending