Off-line Currency Disintegration

Off-line disintegration of banknotes

The bulk disintegration of currency, such as unfit banknotes in bundles, is referred to as 'off-line disintegration'. This operation is carried out indirectly which means it is not carried out at the source of verification. Off-line disintegration is typically applied at cash centres of Central Banks where bulk volumes of unfit banknotes need to be destroyed.

Shred handling and briquetting

When destroying banknotes a good reliable solution for the collection and further handling of the shreds is as important as destruction itself. Therefore, each CDS system of Kusters Engineering is equipped with a shred collection and briquetting system (OBS). For more details, go to On-line Briquetting systems ->

Today’s merge of on-line and off-line technology

Besides off-line disintegration of banknotes there are several banknote processing systems in the marketplace that can destroy banknotes by means of an integrated destruction unit. More increasingly, a combination of on-line and off-line disintegration of banknotes is being applied within Central Bank’s currency operations. 
The banknote shreds of both disintegration processes can be transported by air to a central shred collection and briquetting system (OBS). For more details, go to On-line Briquetting systems ->

Example: Off-line disintegration (CDS) plus on-line destruction (processing system) plus on-line briquetting (OBS)

Integration online-offline_1.JPG

download our white paper about off-line and on-line disintegration and briquetting of banknotes.

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