On-line shred collection and briquetting systems

When destroying banknotes, both on- and off-line, a good reliable solution for the collection and further handling of the shreds is as important as destruction itself.

Especially in case several sorters are connected to a central briquetting system for banknote shreds any hold of the briquetting system must be prevented as this would automatically result in a hold of the banknote processing operation.

Today’s merge of on-line and off-line technology

The integration of off-line and on-line systems has become a technology that is applied increasingly within Central Bank’s operations. Kusters Engineering’s extensive know-how in this field of technology enables Central Banks to combine its off-line disintegration equipment with any type of currency processing system with integrated destruction unit. The banknote shreds of both disintegration processes can then be transported by air to a central shred collection unit with briquetting press (OBS).

Example: Off-line disintegration (CDS) plus on-line destruction (processing system) plus on-line briquetting (OBS)
Integration online-offline_1.JPG

Please download our whitepaper about off-line and on-line banknote destruction and briquetting.

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